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Why do the world’s top brands consistently choose Marpipe over Stitcher Ads (aka Kargo Commerce)?
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What is Stitcher Ads (aka Kargo Commerce) good for?
Stitcher Ads (also known as Kargo Commerce) is good if you’re looking for a managed service that can replace your agency. Their business model charges a percentage of ad spend, and you’ll need to rely on their team of creatives to provide you with designs and test them for you. 
Where is Marpipe different?
Designed To Be Self-serve
Not much is known about Stitcher Ads (aka Kargo Commerce) because their user interface is purposely hidden from end-users (whereas anybody can explore Marpipe’s interface for free by signing up). Based on information from their former customers, their team relies on making custom deck presentations for customer meetings (similar to an agency). 

Since Stitcher Ads (aka Kargo Commerce) is mostly a managed service, you will mostly be interacting with people there, rather than interacting with a software platform/User Interface. 

In contrast, Marpipe is designed to be self-serve, allowing you to move at your own pace and giving your team the freedom to make and launch their own campaigns (rather than relying on another team, that isn’t yours). With Marpipe, anyone can make an account and start designing, so you and your team can test out our software before subscribing to a paid plan. 
Cheaper Price For Managed Service
For those who love managed service, we offer this as well, but at a much cheaper price than Stitcher (we won’t try to charge you a % of ad spend - instead, you can expect a single fixed cost).
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