Your creative testing
is a mess

You’re spending too much time and money on creative testing. Marpipe automates all
of the tedious tasks so that you can focus on the important stuff.
Copy/pasting for hours to make ad variations
Wrestling with long naming conventions to make bland creative reports in a spreadsheet
Tediously duplicating ad sets to set up controlled test campaigns

Fully leverage your creative data

Identify Which Components Drive Performance
Break down results by all of the variables that you are testing. Get directional data on what is moving the needle.
Find Answers That Matter to You
No vague AI recommendations just real results based on the experiments that you setup.
Share and Collab
An easy to use dashboard for both the creative and marketing team
Stat-sig Analysis
Have confidence in which components are actually impacting performance.
Insight Database
Keep everything you’ve learned in one place. No need to track down old spreadsheets or decks.
Fully Actionable
Discover what you should test next based on the results.
Better insights start with a
better design process.

Speed up the learn and improve process

Generate variations with creative automation
Batch render variations of new concepts without having to copy/paste each variation.
Iterate at massive scale
Try more variations at once to gain certainty on what’s influencing consumers. Quickly follow up after a test to drop losing elements and challenge winners with new variables.
Real Canvas
Design your own creative on a real canvas. Freely arrange and style elements however you want.
Multiple Placements
Design for multiple sizes and placements at the same time
Test New Concepts
Upload the creative components that you build in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Figma to put all your ideas to the test
Responsive Formatting
Design tools that save hours by eliminating the need to manually adjust each layer.

Launch in-market ad tests

Automate Campaign Settings
Automate the process of structuring test campaigns: audience, budget, placements, and sizing
Control Spend
Control for spend across all ad variants — Marpipe does the math for you
Batch upload
Deploy all creative variations together with the click of a button

Upload your brand assets

Keep it on brand
Upload colors, fonts, images, copy, graphics, and more
Organize Assets
Tag and categorize your assets to organize your learnings and pull out specific creative insights.

More Capabilities

Multi-audience Testing
Test against multiple audiences simultaneously. No need for duplicating ad sets.
Test Primary Copy and Headline
Iterate on the out of image copy as its own testing variable.
Auto Remove Backgrounds
Transform images into transparent PNGs with the click of a button.
Automatically Sync Results from Meta
Marpipe automatically pulls in performance data as your campaigns are live.
Export Data to CSV
Export any insights view to build your own customized reporting.
Import External Data Sources
Upload 3rd party data to measure creative performance with metrics that matter.
Customizable Column View
View any set of columns that are available in Meta or your 3rd party data.
In Depth Statistical Analysis
Use statistical confidence to figure out which variables have the strongest effect on performance.

Who uses Marpipe?

Join the mutiny against traditional testing.
Creatives who want
to know why ads win
so they can design
Marketers who want
to know why ads win
so they can scale
From brands like:

Never launch low-performing ad creative ever again.

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