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Join 100's of top marketers who run faster, cheaper and smarter creative tests.
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Ditch the boring white backgrounds

Enriched Catalogs let you spice up your product feeds with thumb-stopping designs.
Imagine how much better your Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) would perform if they looked better?

Upload your feed and build new templates with unlimited design freedom. Generate and test new feeds to discover winners.

Use your new Enriched Catalogs across all major ad platforms:
Most companies don't even know they can experiment with DPA creative.

Today's fastest-growing brands are using this unfair advantage to turbocharge their DPA performance.
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What should I test?

There are countless ways to upgrade your SKUs with catalog data.
In-image copy
Product attributes
Brand values
Seasonal messaging
Instill sense of urgency
Press and social proof
Trending on Tik-Tok
Product attributes
“As seen in …”
Publication logos
Customer reviews
“My new
go-to leggings!”
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Multivariate testing...It’s like A/B testing on steroids

Marpipe uses multivariate testing to measure the performance of every possible combination of creative variables in your ads — images, headlines, colors, calls to action, you name it.
Render & review unlimited versions of your creative
Reduce design hours by 70%
Connect directly to Meta
Setting up tests the right way takes forever and is easy to screw up. Not anymore.
Uncover creative insights that 4x performance
Learn how your assets influence performance so you can avoid costly mistakes and produce more winners.
Generate Creative Variants
“The top performing brands refresh their ad creative, on average, every 10-12 days. However, most brands will do that every 35-40 days. Why? Because it’s resource intensive to churn out new creative every couple of days. Enter Marpipe… Once you identify your top 10% winning creative, watch your spend become more efficient.”
-Nik Sharma, Founder of
Sharma Brands

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