The COMPLETE Guide to DPA in 2023

Catalog ads are the fastest growing ad type of 2023 - learn the latest strategies used by today’s biggest brands.
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With Marpipe, Catalogs become creative

100% Design Control over
your Dynamic Product Ads

Are your product ads...
Missing the most important variable to performance (creative)
Don't worry, most are. Marpipe lets you turn your product ads into real ad creative!

Use your new Enriched Catalogs across all major ad platforms

Compatible with all feed management platforms:

Does better DPA creative perform better?

Of course. On average across all customers, we typically see a lift of...
10-15% for evergreen designs
25-30% for promotional designs
And we've seen as high as 3x performance lifts at scale for the best DPA designs.
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ROAS 34%
ROAS 25%

Update your DPA on the fly

From the Marpipe platform your team has complete control to push design changes to live DPA/DABA campaigns without resetting learnings:
Swap between evergreen and promotion designs
Customize creative per product set
Keep DPA fresh to avoid ad fatigue
How does it work
Full Creative Control
Design your creative on a real canvas. Freely arrange and style elements however you want.
Self Serve
This thing is so easy to use, you wont need us to help. But if you want us to we will.
AI Powered Design Tools
Built in generative AI capabilities that enhance your product feed automatically.
No % of Ad Spend Fee
We don’t penalize you for spending more. All of our pricing is based on a flat subscription fee.

FAR beyond simple overlays and frames...

Preset styles only
One design for all products
Images get cutoff
Simple layout options
Control every layer individually
Customize designs per product set
Use any colors or fonts
Auto remove backgrounds
Completely customized styling

What Should I design?

There are countless ways to upgrade your SKUs with catalog data.
See 100’s of Examples
$19.99 $29.99
Two for $40
In-image copy
Product attributes
Brand values
Seasonal messaging
Instill sense of urgency
Customer reviews
“My newgo-to leggings!”

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What else can you do in Marpipe?

Multivariate Testing
Marpipe uses multivariate testing to measure the performance of every possible combination of creative variables in your ads — images, headlines, colors, calls to action, you name it.
Learn More
Render & review unlimited versions of your creative
An easy to use dashboard for both creative and marketing team
Connect directly to Meta
Have confidence in which components are actually impacting performance.
Uncover creative insights that 4x performance
Keep everything you’ve learned in one place. No need to track down old spreadsheets or decks.
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