3x the output of your iterative testing process.
Marpipe answers the question:
creative assets
creative assets
drive ad performance?
Serve your audience every possible option of ad creative.
Let them decide what resonates.
Use your data to inform new ads and keep finding winning creative.
How does Marpipe work?
Think A/B testing … on steroids.
Marpipe uses multivariate testing to measure the performance of every possible combination of creative variables in your ads — images, headlines, colors, calls to action, you name it.

Our app automates the entire process for image and video ad creative.
Ads built upon creative intelligence
work better.
(Our customers know what’s up.)
10x increase in testing,
30% YoY growth
53x increase in lead gen,
60% CPA decrease
Curious ad nerds, inquire within.
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What makes Marpipe different?
a.k.a. better
We have a testing-only focus.
We’re not DCO, campaign management software, or an AI scanner app.
We don’t charge based on ad spend.
Purchase a set of tests or unlimited testing, then apply your ad testing budget toward your experiments.
Our platform is self-serve.
Design tests on your own timeline with full creative freedom — no waiting for other humans.
Let us show you
Get a 1:1 product tour and talk through our plans and pricing
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Not to name drop or anything, but …
“Marpipe is a growth engine. I don’t know how you could live without it. It’s one of those things you must have in your toolbox as a marketer now.”
Wilton Gorske, Director of Marketing, Taylor Stitch
“My goal is to come up with the best-performing Cactus Credit ad ever. To get there, I need to first pinpoint the best-performing creative elements. And with Marpipe, I can test all of them, one at a time, at the same time."
Federica Belotti, VP of Marketing, Cactus Credit
“The insight gathering has helped us weed out any sort of losing advertising … so that we can double down and invest in the winners.”
Andrew Silberstein, Founder and CEO, SolaWave
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