Ad creative isn’t magic. It’s math.
Marpipe is the first multivariate testing platform for creative. Automate your testing and discover over 50% better ad performance after your first test.
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“We’ve been using Marpipe for several months now and have been super impressed with the results from both a quality and quantity standpoint. It is clear to us that Marpipe is a game-changing platform.”

- Chipper Nicodemus
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“As a small business, every dollar is so precious to us. We’ve seen substantial growth using their platform as acquiring a year’s worth of new customers in one month compared to last year’s numbers.”

- Max Kerber
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“Marpipe has 10x-ed my growth and I know it will 10x it again.”

- Adam Greenfield
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“I’ve managed several hundred million dollars ($500MM+) in FB advertising. BUT… One area I could never crack was creative as the data is unstructured… until now.
Agencies with Marpipe have a cheat code.”

- Andrew Gluck
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Marpipe for Agencies
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Auto-Launch Perfect Experiments
🙅No more time manually uploading ads for large tests
🔌 Plugs directly into Facebook & Instagram
✔️ Get statistically significant results
Collect Creative Intelligence
🤯 Discover WHY your creative works
🧠 Learn what to do / what NOT to do
💵 Realize performance breakthroughs
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Sam Russo
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Batch Generate Artboards Inside of Adobe XD
Marpipe for Adobe XD now available in the Plugin Browser
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