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Marpipe will show you what the best creative will look like for a particular product or service. No more guessing what your customers want to see and hear from you.
Marpipe uses batch-rendering and multivariate testing to generate and isolate hundreds of creative variables in live ad network environments (unique to each brand). Positive performance outliers and trends are identified via algorithmic machine learning, allowing us to prescribe exact creative insights designed to hold at scale.

Test Before You Invest

By creating and deploying a test that isolates hundreds of visual variables, we learn everything about what people want to see & hear about your unique product or service before you spend time & money on the 'guess and check' approach.

Like An Army of Creative Analysts

Using algorithmic machine learning, we identify and extract positive performance outliers buried in the visual nuances of our ongoing testing.

Marpipe Prescribes & Predicts

This allows us to prescribe exact creatives that are most likely to become your best performing and most engaging assets. These are paired with predictive analytics designed to endure scale.

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