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Marpipe is a mission-driven company. 

We recognize that the advertising creative we see every day is the most pervasive, powerful and influential cultural force in our society. The ability to combine words, pictures, and colors in a way that influences human behavior is magic, and this magic should be studied, understood, and controlled.

For decades, creative has been approached as an art rather than a science. The process of making creative is crucial to every business, but is known to be manual, expensive, and guided by arbitrary tastemaking. But what if there was a different way?

Mission Statement:

To empower the creative process with science for the businesses of today and tomorrow.

We believe that data science and automation hold the keys to harnessing the power of creative

We know that creatives and marketers are inherently scientists - many of them just don’t know it yet. This realization will lead to the most important transformation that the creative process has seen in decades, and will prepare it for the decades ahead.

We are committed to guiding that transformation through the technology we build and sell. Through us, our customers break down the walls between art and science, understand their creative process at the deepest level, and represent the tip of the spear in an industry transformation towards data-driven creative. 

We're Hiring!

Marpipe is a team of mission-driven people who love working together and solving big problems. We like to hire people who are smarter than us in the thing that they do. Come help us build products that people love and pioneer the future of data-driven creative.

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Who We Are.
Based in NYC 📍
Dan Pantelo
Founder / CEO
Pierce Porterfield
Head of Product
Sam Russo
COO / Head of Accounts
Menghe Li
Designer / UX Specialist
James Goldman
Resident Technology Lord
David Miele
Systems Architect / Engineer
Brian Lee
Adam Tropp
Olivia Wu
Designer / Creative
Xiaomin Chen
Brandon Chung
Steve Liu
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Marpipe 1.0 - The first multivariate testing platform for ad creative | Product Hunt
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