Marpipe is the world's first independent martech platform that automates the creative testing process for brands & agencies.
Advertising is supposed to be pervasive, powerful, and influential. However, over the past decade, it has become technical,  political, and too presumptuous. Let's omit the acronyms and get back to the basics. Marpipe's mission is to provide accountability to both the design and media teams. Did my ads work...why or why not?  It's really that simple and basic.

Marpipe's design platform and creative testing eliminates the guesswork, presumptuous attitudes, and internal finger-pointing. By bridging the gap between designers and brand marketers, our platform provides analysis and insights demonstrating which creative elements help you move the needle.
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Who We Are.
Started in NYC 📍, Now Roaming the 🌏
Dan Pantelo
Founder / CEO
James Goldman
Sam Russo
Susan Wenograd
VP of Performance Marketing
Pierce Porterfield
Head of Product
Staci King
Head of Talent
Menghe Li
Head of UX/UI Design
Saloni Shah
Product Designer
Jess Cook
Director of Content Marketing
Brian Hamor
Sales Manager
Matt Kiszka
Global Head of Customer Success
Xiaomin Chen
Software Engineer
Olivia Wu
Multimedia Creative Lead
Brian Lee
Software Engineer
Kate Pchelina
QA Engineer
Julia Carter
Evan Hurrell
Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting
Phi Nguyen
Engineering Manager / Dev Ops
Hans Kim
Senior QA Engineer
Caroline Lowery
Client Services Manager
Patrick Greenwood
Software Engineer
Zach Reiff
Client Services Manager
Michael Hancock
Motion Design Strategist
Austin Alexander
Motion Design Strategist
Christian Marcondes
Software Developer
Jake Pavlovics
Sales Director
Luciano (Luco) Cassinerio
Software Engineer
David Goehring
Software Engineer
David Miele
Systems Architect / Engineer
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