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What is Hunch good for?
Hunch is great if you want to pay for a campaign management tool (as opposed to a catalog creative platform). You can use their tools to make static/video creative, or try to auto-optimize your campaign spend. Marpipe is focused 100% on your catalog ads and DPA.
Where is Marpipe different?
More Creative Capability
A lot of Hunch’s creative capabilities don’t apply to catalog ads/DPA and are only good for static ads.
Less Complexity for Catalog Ads Users
If you’re looking for a catalog ads platform, Hunch can be more complicated to use because it skews towards features related to campaign management that are outside of the scope of catalog ads (like launching and managing static ads). 

Marpipe has a simple interface that is solely focused on the highest performing ad types (catalog ads). No need to change your workflow in Ads Manager - Marpipe is compatible with every platform where you run catalog ads and gives you the ability to easily deploy catalog treatments on the ad level. 
Generative AI
Also, Hunch has no generative AI capabilities - Marpipe can generate new dynamic copy elements for every product in your store based on the info we process from your source feed. This leads to major performance advantages for your catalog ads.
More Cost-effective
Cost is also a major factor - Marpipe is much more cost-effective than Hunch, since Hunch tends to be more reliant on managed services than Marpipe.
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