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Pricing FAQ's

Is this for agencies or brands?
Both! You can leverage our platform for your brand, or, if you're an agency/freelancer managing many brands, you can connect multiple ad accounts and become the creative testing hero for your clients.

How does Marpipe run my creative tests?
The best way to find your best new creative is through running real ads and discovering winners. When you Launch a test, all ads will be automatically deployed through your connected Ad Account based on the spend limits you set. Read More

What’s a Launch?
A ‘Launch’ is when you make an Experiment and launch it to your Ad Account to run as live ads for a pre-set amount of time and spend. Marpipe connects to your Ad Account with a single sign-in, allowing you to deploy hundreds of ads at a time. Launching an experiment results in a perfectly structured multivariate test. Doing this manually takes hours, but we’ve automated it down to the click of a button! Read More

How many ads can be included in a Launch?
There’s no cap on the amount of ads you can deploy with a single Launch.

How do you measure performance?
Every brand has a unique KPI - from purchases, to leads, to traffic. You set your KPI by selecting a Campaign Type when you Launch, and our analytics will revolve around the KPI you’ve selected.

How do Campaign Types work?
Campaign Types refer to your optimization goal. You can select from Traffic, Reach, Leads, or Conversions. Conversions are the most versatile objective - you can set them to record Purchases or custom conversion events (such as sign ups, adds to cart, etc).

How do Accounts work?
Each Account can have 1 connected Ad Account. If you’re working with multiple Ad Accounts (or multiple brands), you’ll need multiple Accounts in Marpipe to keep those separate! Read More

What’s your cancelation policy?
You can cancel at any time!

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