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What is Socioh good for?
Socioh can be good for small brands with low ad spend and a small ammount of SKUs - it functions more like a Shopify plugin than a holistic DPA platform, but you’ll end up out-growing the usability if you have more than ~500 SKUs or spend more than $25k/month on DPA.
Where is Marpipe different?
Testing Multiple Designs Simultaneously (without making new feeds)
Marpipe allows you to launch up to 20 different design treatments all into one catalog. This allows you to utilize multiple different catalog creative options across your ad account without re-starting the learning phase or sacrificing performance.
Better Platform Suitability
To start, Socioh can only connect with stores using Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce. So if you’re a large brand with a custom website build or a custom feed setup (or use feed management platforms like Feedonomics, Datafeedwatch, GoDataFeed), you’ll want to stick with Marpipe. Marpipe allows you to connect with any source feed and any ad platform that runs catalog ads.
Design Editor for Bigger Product Feeds
Marpipe allows you to add new custom fields to your source feed so that you can access many more design possibilities for your catalog ads. Socioh has a visual editor with common editing tools like Marpipe, but their editor is harder to use for larger stores because it requires users to individually edit different products. With Socioh, your design possibilities are further limited by the fact that you cannot modify your source feed.
Skip the Learning Phase for Better Performance
Most importantly, when launching multiple new catalog design treatments in a test, Socioh does not allow you to use your existing BAU catalog. With Socioh, you have to make a new catalog for every design test and you can only use one design at a time across all of your catalog ads. This is inefficient because it re-triggers the learning phase every time - which should be a non-starter for high-spend brands.
AI Features
Marpipe has a series of advanced AI features that allow you to make and test a wider range of design capabilities (explore those here:
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