increase in ROAS
reduction in CPA

Alex and Ani: Enhancing Dynamic Product Ads with Afterpay Design for Remarkable Performance Gains

Test Setup

In their pursuit of optimized DPA performance, Alex and Ani first experimented with design concepts as standard static ads. During this testing phase, they discovered that incorporating Afterpay design elements led to a notable lift in ROAS. Recognizing the potential of this design concept, Alex and Ani decided to incorporate it into their DPA strategy.

Marpipe's Enriched Catalog Solution proved instrumental in implementing the Afterpay design into their DPA ads. Alex and Ani seamlessly integrated the Afterpay design into their ASC+ campaign, resulting in a captivating and personalized ad experience.

Within the Testing Period

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The enriched catalog achieved a 34% increase in ROAS compared to the un-enriched catalog. This improvement highlighted the effectiveness of the Afterpay design concept in driving higher revenue generation.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Alex and Ani witnessed a significant 17% reduction in CPA, indicating more cost-effective ad campaigns and improved efficiency in customer acquisition.

Performance Impact

The introduction of the Afterpay design into the enriched catalog had a profound impact on Alex and Ani's DPA performance. The results were remarkable, with the enriched catalog outperforming the un-enriched catalog across key performance metrics.

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