What are Dynamic Product Ads
Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) are ads that use the product catalog from your e-commerce store as a source of ad creative. Using the info from your product feed, DPA personalizes the product displayed based on the relevance to each user. Here's the full rundown on how to take your e-commerce store and then import it into Meta ads manager.
Where can I use DPA?
Most major paid social platforms offer dynamic product ads as an option. While every platform uses DPA differently, the one thing that they all have in common is that they have a catalog management function that allows you to connect your store using a feed URL.
Here's the full rundown on how to take your e-commerce store and then import it into Meta ads manager. 👇

Mastery Level 1

Once you start running DPA you'll notice that the creative only consists of your plain product images. The next step is to enrich your plain images to start unlocking better performance. Meta has built in tools that help you add simple elements over your product images, but tools like Marpipe provide a more advanced level of creative freedom.

Mastery Level 3

Just like standard ads, DPA needs to be tested - however testing new feed designs is a lot different than what you're used to. Catalogs on Meta save audience data over time. This gives them an extreme advantage over brand new catalogs. It's imperative that you always use new catalogs when launching DPA tests.

Designing with Feed

Create a Feed Design
On the Feed page, click New design on the top right of the page, you will see there are two options to create a new feed design
Adding Your Feed to the Canvas
After you created a new design, click on the Source Feed icon in your left navigation. You will see an actual product row from your source feed. You can drag your desired column asset onto the canvas to start the design!
Alternatively, you can manually link a column from your Source Feed to a layer added from your assets.
To shuffle through different product rows as the example asset to preview on the canvas, click the Shuffle button on the top right of the Source Feed Panel on the left
Design & Layout
There are some advanced tools you can use to easily improve your design. Click the link below to read more about each specific tools
For more info about functions in Ad Builder, click here
Filter Feeds
You are able to filter the feed by adding criteria that targeting a specific set of product rows. Click on the Filters button from the Link Columns page or Preview Creatives page to add filters for feed. View more
Design Feeds for Different Platforms
In the upper-right of the canvas, you will see the size of your current design. Click on the size and select the size from the platform in which you intend to run your DPA. View more
Preview Feed
Click the Preview button on the top right in Ad Builder to preview a sample of 48 rows from the enriched feed
Enriched Feed Library
Click here to get some inspiration on the design possibilities and mock-ups made with our Enriched Catalogs platform.

Output Enriched Feed

Generating Enriched Feed URL
After you've created your template and the preview looks good, you can create an enriched feed URL to copy over into your commerce manager on Facebook. In the Preview page in AdBuilder, click on Publish Feed on the right. You'll be given a chance to confirm any filters you want to add to your feed. View more
Add an Enriched Feed to Meta Commerce Manager
There are a few ways to add in your enriched feeds to Facebook Commerce Manager:
Replace a data source
Supplement a data source
Create a new catalog
Update a Live Design
When you have an enriched feed that is already being used in an ad network catalog, then you are able to make updates to the images that are being used in that catalog without creating a new enriched feed design.
The updates to the design will take place on your next scheduled sync. To update the design sooner, you can publish updates immediately after editing the design. View more
Unpublish, Delete a Design
To unpublish or delete a design, go to the Feeds page, select the option button of the feed, choose Un-publish or delete. View more
Test a Design
To unpublish or delete a design, go to the Feeds page, select the option button of the feed, choose Un-publish or delete. View more

Mastery Level 5

E-commerce stores are huge, so are never going to have the time to edit every product by hand. Thankfully we can now use AI to handle a lot of the tedious tasks. In Marpipe you can improve your feeds quality instantly by using AI to improve both copy and layout.
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