Before Marpipe
After Marpipe
More Efficient CPA
Increase in ROAS
Designs Tested
Months Between Test Rounds

New Era Increases ROAS with Enriched Catalogs

New Era, a global apparel brand offering official gear from all of your favorite teams, needed to turn their plain-white product image catalog ads into more engaging pieces of creative to grab the attention of their online audience.

They've tested more than 10 different designs. Some with only small variations between them, such as “Strikethru Price + Sale Price” vs. “Sale Price Only”.

With Marpipe, New Era has taken advantage of the additional images in their feed by designing layouts that use multiple product angles within the same ad. Using multiple images has consistently proven to be a winning formula.

In their most recent round of testing, they saw the treatments showing price with an “Exclusive Badge” perform strongest in terms of ROAS.

Overall the brand has found a higher ROAS and lower CPA vs their plain catalog campaigns.

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