How to Get Ready Your DPA Advertisment for the Holidays

Don't let your DPA advertisment sink during the holidays! Follow these simple tips and get your ads ready in time to impress customers this Q4.
Evan Hurrell

You don’t need a reminder about how many weeks or days are left until Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You already know.

The real question is, are your ads ready?

Most brands test their ad creative well ahead of the holiday rush to ensure maximum conversions. But there’s one purchase-driving opportunity that’s often overlooked in the run up to the BF/CM madness — enriching your catalog ads and with holiday-related creative.

Catalog ads (a.k.a. Dynamic Product Ads, a.k.a. DPA) are some of the hardest-working ad units out there. They’re not super exciting, but they work. In fact, they make up for more than 60% of paid clicks for retailers on Google.

The really good news is that applying creative to your paid social DPA using an enriched catalog tool can help them work even harder.

There are some important benefits of adding creative to your catalog ads:

  • They’re more likely to draw attention than a plain white background.
  • They break through the monotony of every other catalog ad. 
  • They give your audience more up-front information about your product. Meaning the intent of those who tap or click will be even higher than it would be without that information.

By using the data within your feed management system to identify which images to redesign and how, the very best enriched catalog tools are self-service, set-it-and-forget-it. Just plug in your existing product feed.  Then use a drag-and-drop creative builder to upgrade your designs.

So even if the holidays are closing in, it’s a quick and easy lever to flip for driving Q4 conversions across all of your paid social channels.

But does it work?

Optimizing your catalog ads in this way can have a huge impact. 

From apparel to furniture brands, Marpipe customers using Enriched Catalogs have seen a 127% increase in ROAS, 3x revenue with the same DPA spend, and more than a $300 increase in average order value.

5 ways you can up-level your DPA to drive holiday conversions

Say buh-bye to those boring white squares. Toy around with these ideas to help you pumpkin-spice up your product feeds with thumb-stopping designs. 

Talk to the gifter —  not your typical audience

Remember that the persona you typically sell to is not your buyer right now. So tweaking your messaging to appeal to the person giving your product is essential. 

First, you have to know who gifts your product. (Is it moms? Significant others? etc.) Focus on the benefits important to them, rather than just the benefits important to your typical buyer.

Create urgency with sale pricing

Show off your sale pricing and offers to instill a sense of FOMO. Dollars or percentages off, BOGO and bundle deals, and limited-time offers, are all great options. (Pro tip, show both the sticker price — with a strikethrough — and the sale price to create tension.)

Remember, all discount copy is not created equal — even if they advertise similar offers. Experiment with the wording of an offer. “20% off” may perform better than “$40 off,” or vice versa, even if they represent the exact same savings.

Use press mentions and social proof

Show off the love, awards, and accolades your brand or product has received. Use publication logos or “As seen in …” to build credibility. If you’re lucky enough to have a product trending on TikTok — or part of a popular “top gifts” list — add a call out that says so.

Use gifter reviews (or customer reviews that mention gifting)

While customer reviews are super-powerful during non-holiday times, gifter reviews are more impactful during the holidays. Find the reviews that mention things like, “I bought this for my [insert friend or relative here,” and use them as in-image text. Pair these with a five-star review icon.

Incorporate holiday-themed designs and iconography

The holidays are a great time to step outside your typical brand look and feel. Lean into the season with overlays, graphics, colors, and emojis. Maybe you’ll discover creative elements that work unexpectedly well this time of year.

If you’re ready to give your DPA — and conversion rate — a holiday glow-up, we can help. Check out our pricing and schedule a demo.

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