Twillory: 127% Improvement in DPA Ad Performance

Turning Catalog Ads from Bland to Beautiful

In less than a month, Twillory leveraged Marpipe’s Enriched Catalog Product to transform their DPA creative on Facebook in both design and performance. They were able to improve their ROAS performance by 60%+ and more than double the spend.


Twillory is a men’s fashion brand focused on performance menswear. Their mission is to complete every man’s wardrobe with the best fits and best fabrics at the best price.

Test Setup

As with many fashion & ecommerce brands running ads on Facebook, Twillory spends a decent portion of their monthly budget on DPA. The problem with Facebook DPA is that, although it’s effective when it comes to targeting, it’s not beautiful or customizable like standard ad creative. This is because DPA pulls images dynamically from the ecommerce store’s product pages, and these images are almost always standardized flat-lay product shots.

Enter Marpipe Enriched Catalogs.

Using the Marpipe Ad Builder, Twillory setup two creative templates over their catalog and linked the layers directly to columns in their feed.

Here’s what their DPA ads looked like before Marpipe:

The first template they created was focused on calling out a bundle deal:

The second template they created was focused on showing social proof with a testimonial:

Performance Impact

Twillory launched their new and improved DPA ads against the original catalog at equal spend. Immediately the enriched catalogs way outperformed the control (original catalog) ads. After just ten days, at the same spend levels:

Reviews: 4.41

Bundles: 4.49

Control ROAS: 1.96

This is a 127% Improvement in performance, more than doubling revenue and at increased scale.

As expected with these performance levels, the control was turned off and the enriched templates are continuing to scale. Twillory is continuing to build and test more detailed design templates for their catalog ads to push performance even further upward. They are also rolling out Enriched Catalogs across all products and even to DABA.

Andrew Gluck, an expert digital marketer working with Twillory was super excited by the performance impact. He said:

DPA works, always has and always will. But to be able to drive over 2x the revenue on the same spend within weeks is just remarkable. Can’t wait to see how EC performs for us as we roll it out everywhere we can in the account!
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