Why It's High Time You Automate Your Ad Concepts Testing

Learn why combining a PIM solution with enriched creative catalogs is the best approach to create powerful, conversion-driving digital assets.
Evan Hurrell

This is Part 2 of a series created in partnership with product information management platform, Pimberly. Jump to Part 1.

The current global landscape has placed some very real obstacles in the way of growth for many retail brands. Shipping has become unpredictable and inconsistent. And managing inventory has become more difficult as a result. 

Today’s buyers are feeling the brunt of these hurdles as well — waiting months for purchases to arrive, or placing an order only to be told it won’t be in stock for some time. 

Buyers are even holding off on purchasing altogether because it’s just not worth the headache. This, in turn, puts pressure on marketers to find creative ways to accommodate inventory fluctuations or move inventory quickly when the warehouse is full.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to help you not only overcome these issues but increase buyer intent and ROAS as well: enhancing your DPA by combining a product information management system (PIM) with enriched catalog creative. This allows you to automate the process of addressing shipping and inventory issues — directly inside your DPA.

What is enriched catalog creative?

Enriched catalog creative allows you to optimize your product feed by redesigning the images used for your product SKUs with backgrounds, icons, product reviews, and more

It does so by using the data within your PIM to identify which images to redesign and how. If you have a PIM and you’re already doing the back-end work to properly tag and organize your inventory, adding this layer is a simple way to help your catalog ads work even harder.

This setup offers some powerful benefits:

  • Adds a layer of branding and positioning
  • Allows you to break out of the sea of all-white carousels
  • Provides potential buyers with more information before their initial click

All of this adds up to increased purchase intent when customers land on your product page, leading to even greater odds of conversion.

How to enhance your PIM with enriched catalog creative

A PIM helps you manage your inventory in real-time, build in logic, and prepare your data set to be applied to other platforms for marketing and sales purposes. 

Today’s top PIM systems allow you to make custom, dynamic columns for product attributes and update product information with automatic, rule-based criteria. 

When combined with an enriched catalog creative tool, a PIM allows you to apply logic strategically. For example, during a sale, you could enable a formula that adds the discounted price to your DPA creative, automatically.

Here are some ways enriched catalog creative can help address current retail challenges, pre-click:

  • Product reviews: Any brand or group of SKUs averaging a high rating from customers can be shown off with a five-star graphic, an average review score graphic, or a "Top-rated" badge. You can also include the perfect customer or press review to add credibility.
  • Sale pricing: Use your feed management system to input MSRP and sale price. SKU images could contain MSRP with a strikethrough next to sale prices. 
  • In-stock, back-in-stock, or low-stock callouts: Letting buyers know the status of item inventory delivers a healthy dose of urgency to purchase.
  • Shipping guarantees: Applying shipping messages such as “2-day shipping” or “Ships next day” promises speedy fulfillment and can help buyers overcome purchase hesitation.
  • Payment options: Installment pricing is another great option to showcase if your brand offers a buy now, pay later service. (One Marpipe customer saw a 54% increase in purchases when they promoted the ability to pay in installments on their catalog ad creative.)

How Marpipe Enriched Catalogs can help you upgrade your PIM with DPA creative

With Marpipe Enriched Catalogs, you can customize every aspect of your feed creative overlay — by uploading your brand colors, images, graphics, and fonts — and have full access to a wide range of free assets and graphics, too.

Simply plug in your existing PIM, use our drag-and-drop creative builder to level up your product images, and upload the resulting ad creative directly to ad platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Templated text lets you insert the right text into the right ads by dynamically linking placeholder text assets to your PIM columns. 

Templated text

And our feed status indicator shows you, at a glance, if your feed is syncing properly with color-coded status updates — Live, Inactive, Ready, and Draft.

Feed status

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See how Marpipe Enriched Catalogs increased ROAS for three distinct retail brands.

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Increase ROAS with PIM and enriched catalog creative

The PIM + enriched catalog creative combo is a powerful, conversion-driving investment for modern retailers.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts when it comes to these two tools. They both build upon the other to make your product feed work that much harder for you. Operating together, they can help you build a powerful, automated retail marketing machine.

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