8 Ideas of Redesigning Products Feed for Catalog Creative

Discover the catalog creative and how it can help you drive better performance on DPA campaigns. Get innovative ideas for redesigning products feed!
Brooke Prais

Many ecommerce brands with giant product catalogs have had great success with dynamic product ads. We’ve all interacted with these simple but effective ads before — essentially a (seemingly endless) carousel of product photos based on previous shopping behavior.

But two factors are getting marketers to think differently about DPA and how they can improve its performance:

  1. DPA has become ubiquitous. Product feed ads are everywhere. And as such, people are becoming more likely to gloss over them.
  2. Invasive audience targeting is slowly (rightfully) coming to an end and audiences are becoming broader. This means ad creative must become more engaging and relevant.

How can you get your DPA to work harder for you? 

Enriched Catalogs let you redesign your product catalog ads, making them more eye-catching and memorable. 

There are a few important benefits of adding creative to your product feed ads:

  • It’s more likely to draw attention than a plain white background.
  • It breaks through the monotony of every other catalog ad. 
  • It gives your audience more up-front information about your product. Meaning the intent of those who tap or click will be even higher than it would be without that information.

Plus, it’s a self-service, set-it-and-forget-it tool. Just plug in your existing product feed. Then use our drag-and-drop creative builder to upgrade your designs.

Eight ways you can level up your DPA ad creative

Say buh-bye to those boring white squares. Here are some simple ideas to help you spice up your product feeds with thumb-stopping designs. 


Is this item a bestseller? Is it on sale? Maybe it’s limited edition or there are only a few left. Any of these labels can be placed in a badge or call-out to create more urgency.


It’s a good practice to add price and sale price as their own columns within your feed. This will allow you to display them on your catalog ads, giving your audience more information upfront, even before they tap or click. Beyond just showing the sticker price, you can also try showing a sale price alongside the sticker, or a bundle price such as “Two for $40.”


Brand graphics, arrows, stars, bursts, social reactions, and emojis all add personality to your product catalog images. 

In-image copy

Use text to relay product attributes, brand values, or seasonal messaging. How is it made? What is it made of? What makes it different from other similar options?

Press and social proof

Show off the love, awards, and accolades your brand or product has received. Use publication logos or “As seen in …” to build credibility. If you’re lucky enough to have a product trending on Tik Tok, add a call out that says so.

Customer reviews

Let everyone know how many five-star reviews your product has. Use customer reviews and testimonials as in-image text.


Use offers to instill urgency. Dollars or percentages off, BOGO deals, and free shipping are all great options.

Transparent backgrounds

Patterns, solid colors, gradients, frames, and graphics are all way more exciting than a solid white background. Try background colors that will complement both your brand palette and the product being displayed. (Pro tip: make sure your product images are transparent in your source feed.)

DPA creative in action

Product feed ad enriched with a headline and pricing
In-image copy + promotion


Product feed ad enriched with pricing and press mention
Pricing + press


Product feed ad enriched with a blue background and "Bestseller" badge
Background + badge

Product feed ad enriched with an icon and a customer review
Icon + customer review

The proof is in the purchase.

Optimizing product feeds in this way can have a huge impact. Marpipe customers using Enriched Catalogs have seen a 127% increase in DPA performance, 2x revenue with the same DPA spend, and more than a 60% increase in ROAS. 

Old dog, new tricks.

If you’re ready to give your feeds and their conversion rates a glow up, we can help. Check out our pricing and schedule a demo.

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