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Close the gap between creative and Marketing

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Ad Builder

Work on a real canvas

Yes, a real canvas. As in drag, drop, rotate, resize, edit colors, etc. The ad builder is built to feel just like the tools you are already used to. No spreadsheets, forms, or python scripts - this is an actual design tool.

Collect and organize all of your brand assets

No more tracking down files in your slack messages. Store the ingredients of your ad creative so you can reuse & remix top performers in new ways.
Sort images, graphics, and messaging by the variables that make them unique.
Machine vision automatically tags your uploaded assets with globalized properties.
Upload your brands custom fonts and save color palettes to ensure brand consistency.
Add SVG files to your library to access editable colors while designing.

Explore design ideas at lightning speed

Trying to decide on a design for your next campaign? Why not try them all? Build controlled variations across multiple design layouts and artboard sizes. Marpipe allows you to define which layers are testing variables – then restyle them across multiple independent canvases.
Supported Ad Formats

Save hours creating ad variants through simple drag and drop

Each layer you place on the Ad Builder canvas is built to accept multiple creative inputs. Drag and drop alternate assets and watch as new ad permutations are generated right before your eyes.


Embrace the experimental method in your marketing process

Creative is king again... but how do we learn about our creative when our best tool is a 48 digit naming convention? How do we collect actionable data when our ads are spending unevenly?

Don't just test, experiment:

- Controlled test structure to accurately capture data

- Automatic spend control

- Creative components tracked and reported live

Batch upload campaigns to Facebook & Instagram

Forget about duplicating ad sets to swap test variables. Marpipe can launch tens, hundreds, or even thousands of ads to Facebook and Instagram with the click of a button. The campaign is automatically created in your account with all testing dimensions neatly accounted for.

Setup campaigns easier in Marpipe

Collect valuable insights on what matters most to your business. Marpipe allows you to deploy campaigns using the conversion events that you're already measuring. It's as simple as signing in and connecting your ad account.

Deploy to multiple audiences and copy variants

Combine in-image creative variables with contextual ones. Marpipe lets you test audiences and copy without tediously duplicating ads and ad sets from Ads Manager. All you have to do is check the boxes and hit launch.

Control for spend & gather usable data

We've all been there - you toss some ads in an ad set just to come back later and find that only a fraction of them are even getting spend. We can't make decisions on skewed data. That's why Marpipe uses your total budget to automatically control for spend across all of the dimensions you are testing for.


Find winning ads quicker

When you test rapidly, efficiently, and at scale, you have a higher chance of finding outliers. With the workflow efficiencies Marpipe provides, you'll be able to rinse wash and repeat the process of identifying winners much faster.

Understand which assets are driving lifts in performance

Marpipe's intelligence tool lets you break down your performance data in an entirely new way. See not just which ads are working -but which individual components of the creative drive performance lift by themselves.

Use your learnings to iterate on creative that works & optimize performance

Marpipe gives you a high resolution look at what drives your audience to take action. Take your winning elements and continuously challenge them with new ideas.
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