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Create Ad Variants Easily

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Industry focused
Templates & Presets

No designer no problem. We update our templates collection daily - pulling together industry trends and providing users with designs that prioritize performance.

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Auto-generate ad variants through
simple drag and drop

Marpipe's Ad Builder is a first of it's kind design tool. While most online editors only allow you to design one piece of creative at a time. The Ad Builder allows you to create up to 1,500 ads at once. We've even developed a plugin for Adobe XD that mirrors the functionality of our award winning web tool.

Create a template > Add variants > Generate variations > Launch to Facebook

Marpipe 1.0 - The first multivariate testing platform for ad creative | Product Hunt

Advanced tools that put
brand safety first

Auto-Sized Text
Automatically size your copy variants
Focal Point
Automatically keep your subject in view

Auto-Launch Creative Tests

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Easily manage your
launch criteria

Marpipe lets you handle ad deployment from one simple interface. Split test up to 1500 ads on Facebook with only a few clicks.

Split Testing on Steroids
✅ Multiple Audiences
✅ Multiple Copy Variants
✅ Smart Budgeting
✅ Special Ad Category Support
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Batch upload ads
to Facebook

No more manual uploading and ad duplication. Marpipe does all of the tedious deployment work automatically. All you have to do is press launch.

Refresh Your Creative At Scale
✅ Unique Ad-set for each variant
✅ Controls for even spend
✅ Goes active automatically
✅ Uploads within minutes
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Track How Brand Assets Perform


Find outliers with
structured data

Improve your creative over time by getting feedback on which specific brand assets out perform others. Without Marpipe's intelligence engine, you're losing out on crucial data.

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Filter assets by your
desired outcome

Marpipe enables advertisers to find audience-creative fit at a level of detail that no other tool can provide. Leave assumptions made by historical data aside and start collecting actionable performance data.

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Save best creative
to scaling groups

Your testing to scaling workflow is about to get a major re-work. Rapidly find winners and push them into scale campaigns without ever leaving the Marpipe Platform.

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