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Test your way
to top ad performance
The multivariate testing platform for ad creative
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Design Platform
Design hundreds of versions
of your ads in minutes
Structured Testing
Automatically deploy creative
directly to your audience
Creative Intelligence
Discover how your creative
assets influence performance
Marpipe is a design platform that tracks conversion data. Create thousands of ad variations in minutes - deploy and get real-time insights broken down by component.
Design your own Creative
No Code / No Spreadsheets
Automatically Combine Creative Elements
deploy thousands of ads in minutes
No AI - no assumptions. Show your audience every possible option and let them decide what resonates.
Breakdown performance by component
No more flailing in the dark. With Marpipe you have visibility into how distinct variables in your creative impact your bottom line.
"Advertisers that ran 15 experiments (versus none) in a given year see about a 30% higher ad performance that year; those that ran 15 experiments in the prior year see about a 45% increase in performance, highlighting the positive longer-term impact of this strategy."
-Julian Runge,
Facebook's Ads Research Team
in Harvard Business Review
Find out how Segment cut their CPA by 50%
Segment is a customer data platform that makes good data accessible for all teams.
By building off of the Creative Intelligence collected from multiple cycles, Segment was able to cut their CPA by 51.26%.
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“We’ve been using Marpipe for several months now and have been super impressed with the results from both a quality and quantity standpoint. It is clear to us that Marpipe is a game-changing platform.”

- Chipper Nicodemus
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“This is one of the best tools I’ve used for testing. One site I was about to quit on, I decided to use Marpipe as a last resort - now I’m getting between 5X and 6X ROAS with every campaign I start. Then I’ll clone + tweak based on the numbers + launch again. ”

- Alexander Greening
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“What used to be incredibly tedious and sometimes not as scientific (in testing methodology) in how we were testing previously, has been completely turned around by Marpipe - I recommend it to any and all ecommerce store owners who are trying to squeeze every piece of ROI out of their ad spend”

- Jared k.
Ecommerce Marketer
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“I’ve managed several hundred million dollars ($500MM+) in FB advertising. BUT… One area I could never crack was creative as the data is unstructured… until now.
Agencies with Marpipe have a cheat code.”

- Andrew Gluck
Large Agency Founder
Marpipe for Agencies