lower cost per acquisition
less time spent creating, uploading and analyzing creative tests.
increase in volume of creative tested

How a breakout DTC brand lowered CPA by 34% while spending LESS time testing.

Average monthly ad testing spend: $1,250.


As a small team managing all the responsibilities of a robust digital team, NULASTIN needed to find a way to scale its creative output and testing while maintaining high performance on Meta ads. That's when they discovered Marpipe’s Multivariate Testing product.

Streamlined Creative Production

With Marpipe, NULASTIN was able to streamline its creative production process and move faster.

"Creative is king when it comes to Facebook performance, and Marpipe enabled us to test quickly, understand the ingredients for success, and ultimately achieve a lower CPA."  — Leah, Founder and CEO

NULASTIN used Marpipe to test persona hypotheses with video hook tests. By testing different elements of their ads, they were able to confirm whether their customers were who they thought they were. This helped them tailor their messaging to their target audience and improve their ad performance.

Finding and Scaling Winning Ad Creative Faster

Marpipe also enabled NULASTIN to find and scale winning ad creative faster.

"As a small creative team managing a lot of requests, Marpipe has been an effective tool that allowed us to scale and increase our creative output while learning what elements are driving performance." — Shay, Digital Content Coordinator

Using Marpipe's modular video tool, NULASTIN was able to break down what was working and what was not working in their ad creative. The winners achieved a 35% lower CPA compared to business-as-usual video ads. NULASTIN continues to iterate on the concepts they ideated with Marpipe, using the new insights to inform their creative strategy.

The Proof is in the Performance

NULASTIN saw significant improvements in their testing process after using Marpipe. They achieved a 100% increase in iterative testing, allowing them to fine-tune their ad creative more frequently. They also saved 53% of the time they would have spent creating, uploading, and analyzing creative tests.

The image tool in Marpipe also helped NULASTIN achieve a 34% lower cost per acquisition compared to business as usual image and video ads. By using Marpipe, NULASTIN was able to optimize their ad creative and achieve better results with less effort.


By using Marpipe, NULASTIN was able to scale its creative output, improve its ad performance, and achieve a 35% lower CPA. Marpipe's testing platform allowed NULASTIN to iterate on their ad creative more frequently and find winning ad concepts faster.

"Marpipe made it faster to analyze what was working and relay that information to the creative team to iterate on."  — Bryan, Paid Social Media Buyer at NULASTIN

DTC marketing teams can greatly benefit from embracing automation to optimize their marketing efforts. By doing so, they can boost efficiency, improve results, and drive better overall performance. Just as Nulastin leveraged Marpipe's tools, your team can also explore automation solutions to achieve similar success in your marketing campaigns.

Remember, automation is not just a buzzword, it's a strategy worth betting on to elevate your marketing game!

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