Before Marpipe
After Marpipe
ROAS during sale events
standout design types

Home & Furniture Brand turns sales events into SALES

A major home & furniture brands has been testing Enriched Catalogs in both their evergreen DPA and for sale events for about 6 months.

During that time, they’ve found feeds using Marpipe treatments came back with 18% higher ROAS during their Major Sales Events, compared to simple DPA Borders from Meta.

Their Top 3 designs:

  • Split screen formats: combining brand images & product silos of products in one unit
  • Clearance related assets: showing the % off and product name
  • New Arrival templates: showing product silo, new product silo and product name and utilizing interior design based images as the background to catch the eye
“When comparing Marpipe templates to our evergreen DPA strategy, since launch of Marpipe, the Marpipe units have generated an extremely efficient return on ad spend.” - Marketing Manager
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