Digital Presence Checklist

Setting Yourself Up For Online Success
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Getting your business set up and running in the world of digital can feel like a massive undertaking. From building your website to running digital ad campaigns, you may feel completely overwhelmed.

First, take a deep breath and relax, it isn't as hard as you think! Follow our guide below to get yourself started.

General Website Set Up

When you're ready to get started, one of the most important things you'll need to do is create a website for your brand! First, you'll need to purchase a domain from a Domain Registrar such as Google Domains or GoDaddy. After that, you'll want to set up Web Hosting with a service such as Shopify, Webflow, or Squarespace.

Website Design

After you've got your domain and have it hosted, the fun part of website creation comes! While designing your site be as creative as you want, but try to keep create a consistent branding look across the pages.

Website Conversion Optimization

One of the hardest part of setting up your website is figuring out what works best to convert your audience. Whether you are an ecommerce store selling products or a blog trying to get leads for your newsletter, you'll want to optimize your site! You can use tools like Google Optimize for easy landing page testing.

To maximize conversions on your site, it's very important to get your Home Page, Shop Page, and Product Page right! But you'll also need to make sure that you are tracking the people who come to your site correctly. For all user tracking, make sure to set up Google Analytics. To view heatmaps of how people are interacting with your pages, use a tool like Hotjar. To track conversions, create a Facebook Business and a Google Ads account, then add the conversion tracking code snippets to your site!

Social Media & Advertising

Once your website is all set up and ready to go, you're ready to start bringing people to it! It's essential to have a presence on the platforms where you can find your audience, but if you're unsure, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are good places to start building an organic following.

Building your presence organically is very important and can, for some, be the only strategy that is needed for bringing users to your site and converting them. However, for most brands organic is a long, slow build, which is why starting a paid advertising strategy is just as important!

If you complete this checklist, you should be ready to start the journey of building your digital presence! The hard part begins here.

In order to succeed, you'll need to start testing everything! Test your organic strategies to find out what posts work best, test your website messaging to see what converts best, and test your ads to improve your returns.

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