Marpipe Announces Launch of First Freemium Platform to Automate Multivariate Creative Testing for Marketers.

With customers including Segment, Mars, and Tubi, Marpipe automates creative experimentation and enables marketers to improve performance by up to 280%.
Dan Pantelo

New York City, New York/September 30, 2020 - Marpipe today announced the launch of its new platform, a first-of-its-kind, freemium self-serve offering, that automates multivariate ad creative testing. With backing from Adobe, Laconia, Math Capital, TIA Ventures, and other strategic investors, the company delivers unprecedented data-driven certainty to the world of advertising creative. 

During the first half of 2020, the waitlist to join a private beta of the platform grew to over 1,350 companies. With the recent public rollout of the platform, sign-ups have jumped to over 700 companies and are currently growing at approximately 100 companies per week. 

Marpipe works with advertisers seeking faster creative production, more advanced creative testing than Facebook or Google provide, and more granular analytics than a/b/n testing. Marpipe is also building the world’s first live data-backed creative template library using aggregate, anonymized data from every ad run through its platform.  

Using Marpipe, brands and agencies can better understand why their ad creative works (or doesn’t work) and how to optimize their assets through real-time, consistent, low-cost testing in live ad network environments. Users upload their creative assets (brand elements, product shots, model shots, copy), then drag and drop them onto an intuitive artboard to create 100s-1000s of ads in minutes, comprising every possible asset combination. Users can then instantly upload creative into Facebook’s Ad Manager (Google integration coming soon). Performance data is available for each ad asset within a week.

Marpipe’s founder and CEO, Dan Pantelo, explains, “Our vision is to combine the art of creative with data science. As an ex-agency owner, I hated the feeling of not knowing whether my creative campaigns would succeed or not. If we can help brands determine how to make the most out of every ad they run, winner or loser, then we open up an entirely new framework of approaching the creative workflow. This represents the birth of an exciting new category in the space, at the intersection of creative and a new genre of data.”

Multivariate testing is a best-practice in marketing, yet still only applied to landing pages rather than top-of-funnel ad creative due to the lack of automation enablement. Nielsen finds that creative makes up 47% of ad effectiveness, nearly double that of any other category. Meanwhile, Facebook finds the average a/b/n test lowers CPA (cost per action) by 26%. Considering that internet ad spend now accounts for 53% of all spend, for the first time overtaking traditional media, the potential for companies to grow through focused, data-driven creative testing represents a significant unmet need.

“Startups and SMBs with small teams benefit by using evidence-based creative insights that are not readily available elsewhere, while larger brands are now able to make and test thousands of ads each week with just a few hours’ effort. Ultimately, our vision is to empower creatives with time-saving, data-driven tools, so they can spend more time generating Big Ideas and less time moving assets around in editing software. With Marpipe, we’ve taken a leap towards that reality,” says Pantelo.

About Marpipe
Marpipe is a software-enabled creative data product that uses workflow automation, batch-rendering, and algorithmic analysis to eliminate arbitrary decision-making in the creative marketing process. By enabling mass-variable creation and deployment, Marpipe provides a lightweight yet robust solution for an ongoing, data-driven creative process that accumulates central creative intelligence for brands.

Daniel Pantelo

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How to Run a Multivariate Test
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