How to Build Test Video with Ads for MVT Testing on Marpipe

Unleash the power of your marketing strategy with Marpipe's multivariate testing capabilities. Learn how to build powerful testing video with ads!
Austin Alexander

While video ads have become increasingly powerful and popular, testing video ads has always been notoriously difficult. Often, because production and post-production are so time-intensive, there’s little time for testing before video ads go live. Precious impressions go wasted on video ad creative that’s not been tested or optimized.

Marpipe lets you multivariate test your video ads, so you can see not only which ads cause people to watch, click, or convert, but also which parts of those ads cause them to do those things. This is especially helpful in pinpointing the best possible visuals and messaging to be used in your video ad, including the all-important first five seconds.

Because Marpipe integrates with Adobe After Effects, building and launching video ads for testing on our platform is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how to build video ads for multivariate testing on Marpipe

1. Plan your video test.

Create a new matrix experiment in Marpipe. Define variable groups for each of the elements you want to test.

A modular video ad and its creative components

2. Add in test elements in Marpipe.

Add new variants to each group by dragging and dropping the assets from the Marpipe library.

A view inside the Marpipe matrix editor

3. Link After Effects template with Marpipe.

Take the URL from Marpipe and paste it into the Templater plugin within After Effects. Set up the layers you want to target by matching the layer names used in Marpipe. Repeat this process for all your variables.

Modular video being prepped for Marpipe within After Effects

4. Preview, render, and launch.

Preview your variations in the Templater plugin. Set up a watch folder in Media Encoder and select the folder as the destination from the Templater plugin. Hit “Replicate” to generate all versions and send them to Media Encoder. Drop the rendered files into Marpipe to launch your test.

Depiction of all video ad variants being launched for a test on Facebook

5. Analyze creative intelligence.

Discover top-performing ads and review your asset-based creative data.

A table of creative data for each ad component with high performers at the top of the table

6a. Scale winning ads.

Scale the top-performing ads from the test in your Facebook ad account.

Two top-performing video ads

6b. Challenge winning elements.

Use your creative intelligence to plan your next test in Marpipe. Introduce new elements and challenge winning variables.

Ideas for a new test based on the first round of creative intelligence

Multivariate testing video is quickly becoming the testing approach of choice for today’s most innovative brands. Market leaders like OPEN, Steelseries, and Solawave use Marpipe to see what’s working in their video ads and what could be working harder. We’d love to help you do the same. Check out the short video below to see the full process in action. Then schedule a 1:1 product tour with our team today.

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How to Run a Multivariate Test

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How to Run a Multivariate Test
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