20 Design Elements You Should Try in 2021

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You can't constantly refresh your creative without new visual elements to keep things feeling new.
We believe that you shouldn't need to hire a whole creative team just to get more adventurous with your brand's advertising endeavors - so we've collected hundreds of elements for you to download for free!

You can find the download at the bottom of this post BUT,
Before you dive in, check out the examples below for a little inspiration.


A great way to segment content within your creative. Make elements clear and easy to read by utilizing slashes.


People are used to technology in all kids of contexts. We've found that even placing your landing page in a device frame can help with performance.


Nothing is more versatile than a line texture. Make your solid backgrounds pop out with a little bit of un-instrusive geometry.


Brush textures aren't for every brand but they can be a really easy way to make a design feel organic. There is something a bit more inviting about this kind of imperfect shape.


Using negative shapes as window frames for other imagery can really expand the layouts you have access to in your creative.


Symbols like stars and check marks are ubiquitous across advertising. These visuals give us a subconscious feeling of validation which changes the way we feel about an ad.


Use semi-transparent overlays over images and under text to make sure that your templates work even when lighter images are swapped in.


Don't be afraid to get fun! Just like we decorate our houses, we also need to decorate our ads to impress those who come across them.

9. Circles

The circle is such a versatile graphic element because it is really easy to stack and layer. Compositionally you can get a lot of mileage out of simply combining circles of various size, color, and texture.


The fundamental element of modern ad design. Line frames help pull focus in the right direction without being overly intrusive.


When people are talking about your product you need to amplify that. Off a quick glance it's hard to identify a piece of copy as a testimonial. Use oversized quotation marks to help the audience identify social proof easier.

12. BLOB

We love a healthy dose of abstract geometry, it doesn't mean anything, it doesn't say anything, but it adds visual interest.


Using symbols to emphasize a statement can have a tangible impact on how many people will stop to click on your ad.

14. Color

Here are some useful color backgrounds. Drag the shape of the element to use it as a line or a rectangle.


Instead of using semi-transparent overlays or slashes we can use playful shapes to emphasize certain copy in our design.


What you always need to think about is how your background element splay with the foreground. Try using graphical backgrounds to accentuate the elements that appear on top of them.


Simple, useful, and versatile. Arrows force the viewer to follow their directions. Please use responsibly.


We are so used to seeing buttons in our day to day life. Their prevalence has caused us to develop a subconscious feeling that the presence of a button like object represents continuance.


Quit playing it safe. Squiggle, rotate, and flip your designs with something a bit more fun.


Textures provide an immense amount of depth when used in an ad. While they can function as a solid color, they hold a lot more visual interest than a single hex color does.

Hopefully these suggestions inspire some new ideas the next time you sit down to create a suite of ad creative. Download the full elements pack and try them out in Marpipe's ad builder.

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