Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany is an ethical data advocate and strong believer in helping companies and individuals discover their own path towards ethical data ownership, transparency and use. She believes in changing the conversation on how we collect data, so there is more transparency on what is collected, how that data is used and how new technology can help create consumer-based data ownership. Tiffany's experience includes 13+ years of strategic data and technology work in advertising and consulting on IBM, Samsung, Nissan, IDEMIA and other accounts. Her in-depth knowledge of data comes from a background in computer programming, followed by learning and leading in digital marketing, automated systems, data collection, measurement methodology, data analytics, audience profiling, technology assessments and implementations and strategic use of data in business strategy. She currently works as a Senior Director of Data Analytics and Technology at Wunderman Thompson and can be found sharing data knowledge on Twitter and Instagram @tjdoesdata
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