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Testing with Marpipe

Marpipe offers multiple testing packages designed to provide deep creative insights on your most important marketing questions and drastically increase improve your returns on marketing/investment.

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If none of these packages fit your needs, get in touch with our sales team and we can customize an experiment specifically for you.

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Use Cases

Product/Market Fit
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
E-Commerce &
Performance Marketing

Validate your ideas, name, features, positioning, design and packaging.
Figure out the ideal market for your product or service.

Take a customer-centric approach to test how your brand is experienced in the real world by real audiences.
Validate your existing Brand identity or test your new branding elements before re-branding.

Develop a personalized content strategy based on the interests and preferences of the target audience.
Identify the exact rhetoric, photography, videography, messaging that your audience is most likely to engage with.

Minimize your Acquisition Cost and in turn maximize your Return On Investment.
Identify and scale your best performing creative for specific target audiences.


  • Features
  • Positioning
  • Rhetoric
  • Positioning
  • Vision & Mission
  • Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric
  • Features
  • Offers


  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Customer Use Cases
  • N/A
  • Product Catalog


  • N/A
  • Photography
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Layout & Design
  • Photography
  • Layout & Design


  • Naming
  • Naming
  • N/A
  • Brand Colors
  • Brand Symbols
  • Fonts


  • 6 Interest Based Audiences
  • 4 Interest Based Audiences
  • 1 Lookalike Audience
  • 1 Interest Based Audience
  • 1  Lookalike Audience
Testing Components

Marpipe's testing methodology is comprised of modular testing components  that are proven to have a major impact on your marketing performance. Each component is given multiple variations that are tagged and tracked. Running based on the combinations of every component variation lets us analyze and assign performance data to each piece of ad creative.

Case Studies

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What argument is your message trying to make?
Text Format
What does your message look like?
Why would someone choose this product?
Mission & Vision
Who are we and what do we stand for?
What should be in the images we use for advertising?
What should be in the videos we use for advertising?
Design & Layout
How do we lay out information inside of our ads?
Video Sequencing
In what order do we arrange the content in a video ad?
Brand Colors
What colors resonate most with our audience?
Brand Symbols
Which symbols resonate most with our audience?
Brand Voice
How do we talk to our audience?
Which typeface resonates most with our audience?
Which product best captures an audiences attention?
How should we advertise our prices?
What kind of sales incentives entice people to take action?
"Who" responds to "what" creative?