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Frequently Asked Questions
What is multivariate testing?
Multivariate testing measures the performance of every possible combination of creative variables. Variables are any single element within an ad — images, headlines, logo variations, calls to action, etc. Because we can measure how every variable works with every other variable, we are able to understand not only which ads people love and hate the most, but also exactly which variables people love or hate the most.
Is Marpipe DCO (dynamic creative optimization)?
No. Marpipe generates and runs controlled creative tests to give you actionable insights (focus on testing), DCO tries to auto-optimize a targeted campaign (focus on scaling). If you’re already using DCO, Marpipe is a strategic complement. Learn more here.
Is Marpipe for brands or for agencies?
Both! Deep creative testing at scale is important for all marketers in all industries, period.
How do you measure performance?
Every brand has a unique KPI (purchases, leads, etc). You set your KPI by selecting a Campaign Type when you launch, and our analytics revolve around the KPI you’ve selected.
Whats the difference between basic and advanced video testing?
Basic allows you to leverage Marpipe's automated ad deployment capabilities to test hundreds of video creatives against multiple audiences + copy variations.
Advanced allows you to leverage Marpipe's variation engine to create thousands of video creatives that have systematic differences. Harness the power of smart video creative and get feedback on which elements drive the best performance.
How much ad spend is required for testing?
It depends on the brand and your average Cost Per Result. If you’re allocating more than $2,500/month in ad spend to testing, you’ll be able to use Marpipe to its full extent. If you’re allocating less than that, Marpipe is not for you.
Is Marpipe used by creatives or marketers?
Both! No more silos. With Marpipe, marketers can discover new performance winners with every test, and creatives can learn why the ads work well so they can make better ones.
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