Multivariate test your creative. Discover the best case scenario.
Marpipe is the first platform that enables multivariate testing for ad creative - empowering your creative performance with data.
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Marpipe integrates creativity
with performance analytics
Small changes in creative lead to big changes in performance. With the ability to create controlled creative variations, marketers can continuously optimize top performing ads by understanding the underlying features that make audiences respond.
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Save  hours on deployment & campaign management
Launch perfectly designed creative tests on your favorite ad networks with the push of a button - watch up to hundreds of ads appear instantly right in your Ad Account⚡
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Unlock Actionable Creative Insights for Major Performance Breakthroughs
Multivariate testing enables a level of creative intelligence never seen before - component analytics. When you understand what people love or hate most about your creative, you can invest confidently in producing more creative that you know will work better.
Over time, these insights become a treasure chest of creative data unique to your brand that act as a ‘performance playbook’ for your creative.