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Marpipe announces Meta Creative Automation for Crypto and Web3

Following Meta’s recent announcement to widely expand advertising options for crypto and Web3 companies, Marpipe is launching a bespoke offering designed to help Web3 brands rapidly find their best-performing ad creative for Facebook and Instagram.

With more than 25% of US digital ad spend being deployed on Meta alone, this recent development represents the biggest growth and acquisition opportunity yet for startups in the Web3 ecosystem. The influx of new Web3 advertisers is expected to generate a competitive environment where new entrants that move quickly can capitalize on a unique acquisition opportunity before their peers.

When it comes to paid social, creative is king - the visual variables and copy in an ad have the largest impact on how it will perform. This applies to all types of companies - from DTC brands to B2B enterprise software brands. 

As a badged Facebook Marketing Partner for Creative, Marpipe’s platform has been trusted by some of the most innovative names in social advertising - like Noom, Crocs, Segment by Twilio, Candid, Quip, Lambda School, and Typeform - to automate the process of creative testing.

The best way to discover what creative will work for your unique Web3 brand on Facebook and Instagram is to test as many things as possible as quickly and diligently as you can. Marpipe’s platform, backed by Adobe and Samsung, automates this process. 

For the first time, burgeoning Web3 and crypto brands can apply the power of creative automation on paid social with Marpipe - securing a key workflow and efficiency advantage. This program will be a hybrid between full self-service platform access and highly tailored services from our team of experts. The primary outcomes that brands can expect is:

  • Assistance with account setup and creative onboarding
  • Hundreds of ad creatives rendered and tested live on an ongoing basis
  • Discovering what your target audience most wants to see and hear from your brand in order to engage

This program, specifically tailored for Web3 brands, is on an application-only basis and there will be limited spots in the first cohort. In order to be considered, applicants must have an advertising budget above $25,000 per month.

Submit the application below, and if chosen, a representative from Marpipe will contact you shortly.

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