Launching Experiments


The Experiment Launcher will upload your multivariate creative experiment directly to your Facebook Ad Account. Just fill in a few campaign settings and press launch, then watch as your experiment campaign is created in minutes!

Launch Setup

Once your accounts are connected and you’ve built an experiment in the Ad Builder, you can get started launching an experiment! Go to the Launch menu in your Marpipe account and click “Launch New”. First, select the experiment, Facebook Ad Account, and conversion goal for your campaign. Traffic campaigns are Link Click optimized, Conversion campaigns are Purchase optimized, and Reach campaigns are Reach optimized.

Campaign Settings

After choosing your experiment, Facebook Ad Account, and conversion goal, you just need to go through a few campaign settings before launching. Simply create your Out-of-Image copy, choose a CTA, choose your audiences, add your landing page URL, set your budget, and select your Pixel. After completing all of that, just go ahead and launch your campaign!

View Your Campaign

Within a few minutes your experiment campaign will be created in your ad account with all of the ads that you built in the Ad Builder. If the upload fails for any reason you’ll see an “Errors” note on the campaign in your Marpipe Launch page.

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