Asset Library

The Asset Library is the new hub for all of your creative assets! Upload & organize your images, graphics, product shots, and messaging variants into their respective subsections, then tag those assets with the attributes that apply to them (with some help from our AI). Using those groups and tags, easily filter and find the assets you need.


Upload Images

After you’ve logged into your Marpipe account, open the Library menu from the left-side bar to begin uploading your creative assets.

How to Upload Image Assets

To add images to your library, click “Add file” on the top navigation bar or just drag your files onto that box. When your upload is complete, the images will show up in the “Image” section of your library.

Image Names & Focal Points

Select an image in your library to view its details. In the panel that opens, edit the image’s name, focal point, and tags. The focal point will normalize the image’s center when it is present as a variant in a creative design.


How to Create Text Variants

To add text assets to your library, click the box labeled “ADD NEW TEXT ASSET” under the Text section. Within the pop-up that appears, title your text variant under the “LABEL” line and write your message under the “TEXT” line. You can create multiple variants by using the plus (“+”) button to add additional inputs. Note that line breaks do not denote

Adding Line Breaks

Write your entire message in one box if you’d like it to be displayed without any line breaks. Use the ENTER key on your keyboard to add line breaks if you’d like parts of your message on different lines.

Text Details

Like with image assets, select a text asset in your library to view its details. In the pop-up menu that opens, edit the text label and message. Additionally, you can use colors to help further organize your text assets.


Tag Assets

Your Library should now show the image and text variants that you’ve added. Although images are automatically tagged, It’s recommended that check the tags for accuracy.

How to Tag Assets

To get started with asset tagging, simply go through each image and begin typing words that you think are relevant to the image variant. Image assets will already have tags added by our AI, so you may not need to add any new tags to those assets. Text asset tagging is coming soon.


Create Products

Products represent the actual SKU’s that appear in your images. You should create a new product in your Library for every product that you’re selling, then link that product to the correct images in your library. URL’s attached to a product can be be selected in the launch settings so that you can easily find your intended landing page when deploying an experiment. In the future, users will be able to set the launch URL to dynamic – letting the image assets in the creative determine where a given ad will drive to.

How to Create a Product

In the Product section on the navigation bar, just click “Add New Product” in the top right corner and you’ll see one created. Click on your product to open its details and edit the Product Name, Product URL, and Product Price.

Connecting Products to Assets

After reviewing the product details, search and connect image assets to the product. You can link products to images in the Products section or you can go back to the images tab of your asset library and open up each image, then link it in the panel.

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